Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Prague Microfestival + VLAK 2 launch

VLAK magazine ( and Psí Víno (, in co-operation with Versal Magazine ( and VEER Books (, invite you to the 3rd Prague Microfestival, 14-18 May, 2011.

Venue: Krásný Ztráty, Náprstkova 10, Praha 1, Staré Město (

[*Friday 13 May, pre-Microfest fiction evening at Klub Utopia, Bělehradská 45, Praha 2, from 7.30pm. Featuring Thor Garcia, Holly Tavel, Ken Nash, Louis Armand--with the launch of Thor Garcia's TUND from Litteraria Pragensia.]

*Saturday 14 May, Krásný ztráty
Discussion: "Poetics & Translocality"
Reading: Carla Harryman, Keston Sutherland, Lenka Daňhelová, Alistair Noon,
Barrett Watten

*Sunday 15 May, Krásný ztráty
Launch event: VLAK 2
Ondřej Buddeus, Jane Lewty, Adam Borzič, Joshua Mensch, Carla Harryman, Stephan Delbos, Jeroen Nieuwland, Kasia Bazarnik, Zenon Fejfer, Megan M. Garr, Michal Šanda, David Vichnar

*Monday 16 May, Krásný ztráty
Donna Stonecipher, Sean Bonney, Aodan McCardle, Stephen Mooney, Ulli Freer, Jan Těsnohlídek
Launch event: Maurice Scully,
Gilbert Adair (Veer books).

*Tuesday 17 May, Krásný ztráty
Reading: Sylva Fischerová, Dagmar Pokorná, Megan M. Garr, Martin Skýpala, Jane Lewty
Launch event: Versal 9 (Versal Magazine)

*Wednesday 18 May, Krásný ztráty
Reading: Catherine Hales, Josef Straka, Laura Conway, Louis Armand,
Karla Kelsey
Launch event: David Vichnar, Louis Armand, and Stephan Delbos (Litteraria Pragensia Books)

*All events are in both English and Czech.
*Free entry.

Supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland, the Centre for Critical & Cultural Theory, and Centre for Irish Studies, Charles University.

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